Water Treasure Mystery


The Mystery of the Water Treasure is the first book in the Levi and The Emerald Vampire Mystery Series by young adult (YA) author Zoe Madison. Complete with time-travelers and shape-shifters, Levi and The Emerald Vampire series will take its readers on a captivating journey through time and place. Join us soon. Zoe Madison currently publishes The Emerald Vampire Series at Cassiopeia ~ Star Tales from the Universe© under the blog Magic Carpet.

In The Mystery of the Water Treasure, Levi and The Emerald Vampire meet for the first time in the African Rainforest where Lowland Gorillas, striped Okapi and Rainforest Elephants share their jungle home with Pygmies from another time. Recently, the Elephants have returned to save their favorite Watering Hole. Join Levi and the Emerald Vampire as they journey across time to find the answers they seek in order to save the real treasure in the Heart of the African Rainforest.

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